Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 [Nintendo DS DSi]

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Format: Nintendo DS/DSi
Region: Region Free
Language: English
Edition: Regular
Condition: New, Factory-Sealed


GUILT is no more. Dr. Derek Stiles and Nurse Angie Thompson faced humanity's greatest threat and triumphed. Now, in the aftermath, they find themselves in unknown territory, forced to deal with the disastrous consequences of the killer virus. Join them as they scramble to address questions left unanswered and put an end to the mystery behind the disease.

  • True sequel to the award-winning original Trauma Center: Under the Knife game
  • Scrub back in to your DS and experience the tactile stylus-based experience that made the original a hit.
  • Confront the aftermath of the devastating GUILT epidemic in a brand new story.
  • New "easy play" mode, improved tool utility, and clearer directions.